Ready to Comply with New Laws for Children Travelling Across SA’s Borders?

It is only September now but definitely not too early to start planning your end-of-year holiday, particularly if you want to travel to another country with your children. You might have heard that new legislation, coming into effect from 1 October, requires children travelling across the country’s borders to carry an unabridged birth certificate as […]

5 Ways to Help Your Child's Teacher

6 Ways to Help Your Child’s Teacher

The reality with education and schooling is that teachers spend more time with our children than we do. And there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, teachers are what makes the world go round. Without my teachers, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post right now, I wouldn’t be living with a roof over my […]

Baby looking at ipad

Should You Allow Your Toddler to Play with Your Tablet Computer?

As tablet computers such as Apple’s iPad become increasingly popular, children are being exposed to this new technology more and more. In a previous blog post we looked at the impact of tablet computers in school education. But recently parents of babies and toddlers have also been allowing their children to play with touchscreen phones […]

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